Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Quick Buzz:Husk(After Dark 2011)

I am sucker for Scarecrows and especially Scarecrow flicks which I feel there clearly aren't enough of.So I saw this dvd which was from the After Dark 2011 lineup and saw that it featured Scarecrows so of course I purchased it.Seeing as the After Dark Films themselves have mostly been forgettable,I didn't have much expectations going in.So how is it??

Well the first act has your basic horror movie setup we've seen countless times.A group of five teenagers crash their car in the middle of nowhere surrounded by cornfields and are stranded there with no cell service.To make matters worse one of them is missing.That leaves 3 guys,Brian,Scott and Chris,and one girl Natalie....to wander through these massive cornfields.Soon Natalie goes missing and they find a creepy isolated and apparently abandoned farmhouse harboring some dark secrets.

Like I mentioned earlier,once Husk gets past the generic set up it does offer some interesting ideas.One being that the characters are safe in the farmhouse,kind of like a base,but susceptible for the prey of evil scarecrows once they enter the cornfields.Turns out these scarecrows build their own burlap army with their victims.
The other interesting idea is director Brett Simmons actually attempts to create a decent back-story and does so with flashbacks while the action is occurring.

The acting was decent for a straight to dvd horror movie and Natalie(Tammin Sursok) was pretty damn cute.

So... Husk has some creepy images but nothing that actually happened was really disturbing.Too much has been seen and done before and too much of it a bit dull.All in all its a good late night time waster.

Kate Uton and her Amazing ASS!

I love this girl and her ass in these pictures is unbelievable!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sara Jean Underwood almost shows us her boobs

Another hot playboy girl but pretty cute and adorable girl next doorish at the same time.Plus I love freckles.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Ok I have an obsession with Kate Upton

Just look at this picture....Stunning! HOT!Slutty yet beautiful at the same time

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Buzz:Scream 4

Director:Wes Craven
Writers:Kevin Williamson
Cast:Neve Campbell,Courtney Cox,David Arquette,Emma Robrets,Hayden Panettierre

After an 11 year hiatus,Ghostface is back on the screen hacking and stabbing people while having an all to good time.Scream 4 is much more violent and much more witty and clever than 2000's Scream 3 and I would say it's even a tad better than Scream 2 in that its brings the action back to Woodsboro,where it all began in the first place.

The Plot:Sidney Prescott has written a book called "Out of the darkness" on her surviving the murders and how she dealt with all and eventually overcame her struggles, and is back in town to promote it and do a signing.Of course as soon as she returns murders occur and Ghostface comes out to play,this time going after Sid's cousin Jill's(Emma Roberts) friends.Of course Gale Weathers and Dewey are there as well..and married now. So the Big three are once again brought together to inevitably solve another mystery.Is this finally the movie where one of the big 3 isn't so lucky???go see it and find out.

The Movie takes stabs at everything from reboots to Saw,torture-porn document yourself flicks to the social media nowsdays ala facebook twitter,text messaging and unearned fame.It works well for the most part and Williamson,who wrote most of this balances the idea's well with no going to overboard stuffing down on throat like some films do.

The film also ratchets up the gore and Ghostface himself leaves a lot more carnage.With her insides on the outside.The humor is also back to the original's form.

With the Big three kind of having there own story,before everything connects we learn a little about the new characters.Jill reminds Sid of Sid when she was younger,she's also having problems with her ex-boyfriend Trevor(Hellllo Billy Loomis maybe).Of course there are her friends Kirby(Hayden Panettierre) Olivia(Marielle Jaffe) and film geeks Robbie(Erik Knudsen) and Charlie(Rory Culkin) who seem a little bit too obsessed with horror movies,in particular the Stabs movies.Could it be one of them responsible for the murders?All these characters come across as pretty likable with Kirby being the most memorable,yet they still didn't live up to the originals characters.

Besides that we get to meet another new interesting character,Deputy Judy Hicks(Mary Shelton) who seems a bit off and a bit obsessed with Dewey and even a bit obsessed with Sidney.

As per typical scream fashion,there are a bunch of red herrings yet I think Craven and Williamson still were able to shock us with the reveal and the motive.I thought it worked really well, and the reveal was the best since the original.

So Scream 4 is highly entertaining,clever and pretty violent,and it brings everything we love about the Scream franchise back to the lime-light.Its easily the best sequel of the franchise and hopefully this gains some new followers from this next generation